honeysuckle + sassafras

Frequently Asked Questions 



If you would like to custom order a piece, have questions, comments, or feedback, please email Lindsay at:



Can I custom order a piece?

Absolutely, just send an email with your idea. I will work with you to make your vision into reality. I also take on special commissions made from objects that you have found or love. If possible, please send a picture with the size of the item in your email as well. I can come up with a design for you or I can make your idea reality. The price of each commission will vary based on the difficulty of finding the components and the time that it will take to create the piece. 

Were any animals or insects harmed for your work ?

No, ethically sourced means that all of the bones and insects that are used in the artwork on this site are cruelty free, and were already dead when found. 

What do you mean hand collected?

Hand collected means that I find all of her oddities while exploring in nature, after they have died naturally. 

Where do you find your bones/insects?

I finds my insects while adventuring in nature. Animal bones are found on hikes, scavenged from roadkill, or sometimes are gifted to me by friends. I clean and process them, and then makes them into my pieces.

Whats the difference between crystals and grown crystals in the product description?

The products with 'natural crystal points' in them are made with natural crystals found while crystal hunting around Oregon and Utah. Products that have 'grown crystals' are pieces that I grow crystals directly onto in my studio. 

Are the chemicals you use to grow crystals dangerous?

Mostly, I use common chemicals that could cause mild irritation with prolonged exposure. Sometimes the chemicals I use can be toxic. All crystal growth is thoroughly coated to seal it from the elements, and to protect against this. I recommend to handle your piece as little as possible to help avoid this problem all together and to protect the fragile nature of the pieces in general. 

What should I do if my piece arrives broken?

Send me an email and a picture of the broken piece within 7 days of receiving the piece. Some of the pieces with grown crystals will have a reasonable amount of crystal flaking, but no large chunks should be missing on arrival. Repairs are not always possible, but if they are, I will happily fix your piece and send it back to you. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my art, I cannot guarantee that I have a second piece just like yours to replace it with. If the has broken badly enough to make it impossible to be fixed, I will give you credit to the site to find another piece that you love. 

Do you wholesale?

It's case dependent. Please send me an email with your requests and I will let you know if it is possible.