honeysuckle + sassafras

Lindsay studied general science at the University of Oregon, with an emphasis in developmental biology and cell differentiation. She is a self-taught artist with a deep love of experimenting with non-traditional mediums.  Scientific training heavily influences Lindsay’s work, which focuses on illustration and sculptural pieces which incorporate found biological oddities, including bones and insects. A love of reclaiming abandoned treasures also led to an obsession with antique windows, which she now uses as the primary canvas for her work.  She employs manual etching and inking techniques to create each unique window.  Each piece is entirely freehand and one of a kind.


All objects were naturally scavenged. No animals or insects were harmed in any way.



__the concept__

Lindsay is a found object artist, who loves being inspired by the things around her. All of the insects, bones, and windows were gathered by her over time. Due to this method, Lindsay's pieces are one of a kind, and ethically sourced. . Each piece is custom designed to highlight the natural beauty of the object with attention to detail and respect for conservation. 

hive press shot